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Private Reports and Fees

Why do GPs sometimes charge fees?

GPs are self-employed and are not employed by the NHS. This means GPs have to cover all the costs of running the business such as staff, buildings heating, lighting, etc. just like any other business.

The Governments contract with GPs covers costs for NHS work. However more and more GPs are being asked to do additional non-NHS work. This could be life assurance or income protection reports, holiday insurance certificates, reports for health clubs certifying people are fit to exercise, private sick notes (issued within the first 7 days of illness) and many, many more. When a GP signs a certificate or completes a report, it is a professional duty that (s)he checks the accuracy of such information. Even the simplest of forms may require a doctor to check a patients’ entire medical record.

GPs do not have to carry out non-NHS work, however we will always attempt to assist our patients when we can. For this non-NHS work we try to base our prices on the nationally suggested fees published by the British Medical Association.

There are numerous forms and reports that are not provided under the NHS funding but the most common are listed below. If you have any questions regarding private fees or information on forms not listed below please contact us.


Medical Report Request

Medical Report Request

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