Cancel an Appointment

If you receive text alerts you can text ‘CANCEL’ to the number detailed in your reminder text and this will automatically cancel your appointment. It will be recorded on your patient record that you have done this. Doing this as soon as you know you do not require your appointment anymore will allow another patient to use your unwanted appointment.

If you do not receive text message reminders please call the main reception line on 01608 642742 and speak to one of our Care Navigators who will be able to cancel your appointment for you.

We would appreciate as much notice as possible when you are cancelling an appointment so we might offer the appointment to another patient. We understand that this is not always possible. If you are trying to call to cancel an appointment and our phones are busy please be patient, we really do appreciate this courtesy of being notified if you can no longer attend.

If you do not receive text reminders but would like to please email us at or speak with one of the Care Navigation Team so we can opt you in to receive them in future.

If you sign up for Patient online access you can cancel your appointments via the online portal. Please see our ‘Register for online services’ for more information.